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[Promotion] Deka Wafer Roll Mini Wafer Bites 3 x 80g (Free Container)
Price RM6.99
Product SKU 8995077605932
Brand Deka
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Jump into a sea of exploding chocolatey taste! Indulge in our Deka Choco Mini Wafer Bites with crunchy outer shell and smooth velvety chocolate cream on the inside for a concert of flavours your mouth!

Don’t blame us if you’re craving for Deka Durian Mini Wafer Bites now.

Are you a fan of peanut and mini wafer bites? If yes, you need to try Deka Peanut Mini Wafer Bites! This bite-sized treat packed with smooth peanut flavoured cream will be your favourite!

Our gourmet Wafer Rolls are now available in mini bite size! Packaged in a resealable pouch, Deka Mini Wafer Bites will be the perfect snacks for road trips, camping, or even snacking at home.

What's in the box

Deka Mini Wafer Bites 3 in 1 with Free Container


  • Durian wafer, Peanut wafer and Chocolate wafer
  • Free Container (random colour)