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Indomie Cup Goreng BBQ (Blue) (75g)
Price RM1.90
Product SKU 089686180367
Brand Indomie

Indomie Mi Goreng BBQ Chicken Cup 75G
Using high-Quality Flour Fresh herbs & Ingredients High-quality springy noodles MUI Halal certified
Indomie cup comes complete with a fork for your convenience. Perfect to bring when you are traveling. Indomie is made with high-quality flour, selected fresh ingredients, and spices, with the extra smoky and sweet taste of BBQ. Indomie Goreng is best consumed without any broth. To experience the true flavor of Indomie Goreng simply cook the noodles by adding boiling water, drain, add the seasonings, and mix well. Lastly, garnish the cup noodle with crispy onion and enjoy!